How To: Transfer Your Angry Birds Game Save From iOS to Mac

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Now that the Mac App Store has brought Angry Birds to OS X, there are many users who may want to carry their save files between their iDevice and their Mac. This is also a good time to tell you that Angry Birds on the Mac App Store is in fact the exact same game you will play on the iPhone and iPad–it's just scaled up for fullscreen play on a computer.

1) You will have to have a Jailbroken iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone (iPhone 4.2 JB Guide  or iPad 4.2 JB Guide).

2) You will also have to gain SSH access to your jailbroken device (this is also how you change your root password, which we highly suggest you do).

3) After you've done that, you will want an SSH client like Cyberduck.

4) Using Cyberduck, you will want to open connect. Make sure it's set to SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

        - Under "Server" you will enter your device's IP address (Settings>wifi>(blue arrow by Your Network's Name)> IP Adress.

        - Username: root

        - Password: whatever password you chose in the guide to gaining SSH access linked above. However, the default password is alpine.


5) You will now need find the correct folder. It's under private/var/mobile/applications/(*Angry Birds Folder)/Documents

*You will not see a folder called Angry Birds under Applications. All the Apps appear in folders with names that appear as a long string of letters, numbers and hyphens. Unfortunately, you will have to just look through until you find one with Angry Birds inside. These folders are literally all the components of your Apps, so don't mess around with them too much.

6) Once you are in the documents folder of the Angry Birds App, you can look for a file called highscores.lua Copy that file to your computer.

7) Now, go to your Mac's Applications and look for the Angry Birds icon. Right-click> Show Package Contents. This shows you all the components that make up the App. Within that folder, just replace the highscores.lua file with the one you copied over from your iDevice.

There you go, now you can continue Angry Birds from where you left off. This works for transferring files back and forth as well as between iOS devices.


In case you're having some trouble with Angry Birds, you can check out some of these guides: Here.

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