How To: Update Your Modded Wii Without Losing SoftMod

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We typically cover iPhone stuff, but we’ve been known to throw in some Android, BlackBerry and even PlayStation 3. Heck, anyone who reads this blog knows that we are totally into Kinect hack videos. We are also fans of Nintendo’s awesome little console, the Wii. Of course, we also like to check out hacks and homebrew. That said, we encountered some problems when trying to update our system to add Netflix–we didn’t want to lose our mod. So we looked around for a fix.

Those of you who have a SoftModded Wii know that a firmware update will kill the hack. Now, some of you may have wanted to check out the shop channel, perhaps to install Netflix or check out something for WiiWare or the Virtual Console.

The following will work on European, Japanese and US Wii consoles.

You will need:

– Homebrew Channel Installed

– WAD Manager, which is available here.

– Shop Channel v20 Update Files. Available here.


How to Update Your Shopping Channel:

1) Download the Shop Channel v20 update files linked above (IOS56-64-v5662.wad and Shopping Channel-NUS-v20.wad) and save them in the “WAD” folder on the root of your SD card.

2) Load WAD Manager from the Homebrew Channel

3) Select <IOS249> and hit the ‘A’ button. (some WAD managers may not have this option)

4) Nand Emulation <Disabled> and hit ‘A’.

5) For source choose <Wii SD Slot> and hit the ‘A’ button again.

6) Choose shopping channel-NUS-v20.wad and press ‘A’ again, then one final time to confirm the install.

7) When you have done this, just restart your Wii. You should now have the new Shop Channel update.

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