iFoundYou: Is An Apple Social Network Hiding Inside iOS 4.3?

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More "grovelling through the entrails" news from the iOS 4.3 beta: a new "Find My Friends" feature detailed above.  The code strings are linked to MobileMe; couple this to Uncle Steve's recent declaration that MobileMe will get "a lot better in 2011," and you've got…

…Well, possibly some kind of locative/social networking service like Google Latitude or Loopt (or the "here's where I am now" options in Facebook/Twitter), which would use your iDevice's GPS to broadcast your location and/or find said location of your buddies.

So is there room for ANOTHER soc-net?  Maybe, if the House of Jobs is behind it.  Up until now, their attempts to "make friends electric" have been vertical in nature (Ping, Gamecenter).  On the other hand, Apple has a proven track record of taking existing, less-than-perfect technologies (MP3 players, smart phones, tablet computers) and molding them into tightly-integrated, gotta-have products (iPods, iPhones, iPads).  Using that logic, an Apple social network could very well be a game-changer.

[MacRumors, via Business Insider]

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