iOS 4.3 Hints At New iDevices; Rumor Mill Suggests iPad Will Lose Home Button

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When is an iPhone 4 not an iPhone 4?

When it's an iPhone3,1 or iPhone3,2.  Duh.

Say what?

That's internal iOS code-speak for, respectively, the AT&T and Verizon flavors of the iPhone.  And as iOS 4.3 beta continues to ferment in its Petri dish, low-level data spelunkers have uncovered new indicators for both iPhones (4,1 and 4,2) and iPads (2,1; 2,2; and 2,3).  Engadget, who first reported the discovery, theorizes that the x,1 and x,2 codes for each device refer to, again, GSM and CDMA versions, while the iPad2,3 could be a Wi-Fi-only flavor.

In related news, Boy Genius Report is floating a lulu of a rumor: not only does iOS 4.3 support iPad multitouch, it will also do away with the tablet's physical Home button in favor of multitouch gestures to both return to the home screen and to launch the app switcher.  Better start those finger-flexing/strengthening exercises now…

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