Lost Mummy: An iPhone Puzzler For the Casual Player (Review)

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There are various genres in gaming, but most of them fall into two categories. There's the quick little time-waster that serves to kill 3-5 minutes per play session (more if you choose to play longer, and then there are those games designed in such a way that when you sit down to play, you know you're going to be there for an hour, minimum.

The Object of the Game

Lost Mummy is one of those shorter, to the point-type games that makes sense on the iPhone. The idea is to guide the Lost Mummy to his coffin. Apparently, deep within his pyramid he started sleepwalking and got lost. Looks like those bandages over his eyes obstructed his view, and he was unable to figure out how to get back to his final resting place.

That's where you come in. That player has to guide him through various obstacles, to get him back in his place. The game is very easy to learn, there was only one simple trial and error moment we encountered as we jumped repeatedly on a large round rock and saw it turn blue and sparkly. 

 "How pretty," we thought, as we watched the blue stone shimmer.

Then the darn thing exploded and blew the now ragdoll mummy to kingdom come…again. Yes, a dead dude can die a second time.

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The Good

Lost Mummy is simple, but it's definitely a game best-suited for the iPhone. It's the kind of thing you may want to play for a level or two, and then continue later when you have another five or 10 minutes of free time. The simple controls make it a quick game to learn. The bottom of the screen has arrows: left, right and jump, and that's it. Those three icons control your mummy, and even novice players will get the hang of them quickly.

We must add that the mummy's walk animation is very funny, in a good way. He walks like a mummy, leaning forward as if he's running as fast as he can. We're pretty sure that we even saw an idle animation in which he was picking his nose, or rubbing his face. Kudos to the developers on a lovable mummy.


The Bad

The non-casual gamers may not get the same enjoyment out of this as those who just enjoy playing a game to relax.

We aren't fans of the game's menu system, either. It's all over the place with menu items on each corner of the title screen. We have similar criticisms with the pause screen, and while they may seem minor to some, they are part of a complete package. In a smaller iOS-type game, these sorts of things stand out. 


The Verdict

Lost Mummy isn't a bad game. It's not particularly memorable, either. It has the potential with any upcoming updates, but it's going to take some interesting, clever puzzles to give it more sparkle. At 99 cents, it's not a bad deal. Still, if the developers can start implementing new updates that create more interesting puzzles for the player, they may have a winner in the future. For now, it's a nice proof of concept.

3 out of 5 stars.

iTunes Link – 99 cents

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