Live! From Netflix Instant Watch! It’s Saturday Night!

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Where were you the night of October 11, 1975?  Were you parked in front of your TV, watching Michael O'Donoghue and John Belushi (both RIP) repeat non sequiters about wolverines — and Chevy Chase announcing "LIVE!  From New York!  It's SATURDAY NIGHT!" for the very first time?

Yes, SNL is thirty-five years old.  Three and a half decades of Andy Kaufman, Roseanne Roseannadana, Mr. Bill, "I'm Gumby, dammit," Christopher Walken demanding more cowbell, and…er…"D*** In A Box."  The show's been well-represented on home video over the years, but now the first quarter-century's available for instant viewing on Netflix.  That's a ton of episodes to wade through (especially give the show's variable quality from season to season), but Splitsider's made the slog a bit easier with a list of key episodes (i.e. recurring characters, notable hosts, and historic milestones). 

Granted, it's subjective and far from comprehensive: the debut of Belushi's spot-on Joe Cocker impersonation is included (but not his far funnier duet with the real Cocker), and scanning the "Recurring Characters" list reminds you of how many bad SNL-related movies have polluted the bijous over the years (THE LADIES' MAN?  THE CONEHEADS MOVIE?  I rest my case).  Still, it's a good reminder of the show that gave the socially inept an excuse to stay home on Saturday nights and watch TV.

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