Mac App Store Gets A Kinect Hack App

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Kinect hacks are abundant, as we've seen before. Kinect Apps on the App Store? Not so much. Laan Labs has just released a Kinect App on the Mac App Store called the Kinect 3D Viewer. There's not much to it right now, as all it does is show a 3D depth map like the one shown above. If anything, it makes it easy for non-hackers to check out one of the interesting features of Microsoft's motion-sensing camera peripheral.

What is very cool about this is the possibilities is opens up for other Kinect Apps to make their way to Mac OS X. At least we know Apple will allow it. If you have Kinect for your Xbox 360 and Snow Leopard, this may be worth checking out. It's free, and comes straight from the Mac App Store: Link.

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