Mac OS X Tips: How to Screencap

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Above, we used "method 2" to capture to icon for "method 3"

Screen captures on Mac OS X are very easy. They can be accomplished with by using key commands within the operating system. There is also a built-in application designed for doing the same thing called Grab. We will show you how to access those those built-in tools.


Method 1: Command + Shift + 3

 This will capture all parts of all screens. Meaning, that if you have a dual-screen setup (tutorial here) it will capture everything you see on both screens as two separate .png image files onto your desktop. 


Method 2: Command + Shift + 4

This is a personal favorite method. It creates a small reticle-shaped pointer that allows you to make a selection of whatever portion of the screen you highlight. This is good for capturing Tweets or small portions of a larger image.


Method 3: Grab

To use this tool, you will go to: Applications > Utilities > Grab. When you launch grab, you have the option to capture a window, selection, screen or a timed screen (this sets a timer before the screencap is taken).


Method 4: Snaps Pro X

Snaps Pro X will cost you $69, but it's a much more versatile program. It lets you screen capture, but gives you the ability to grab audio as well. This is great for tutorials and instructional videos. Whatever you create is saved as a Quicktime file and can be uploaded or shared with viewers. See it here.


What Are Your Favorite Capture Tools?

We've shared a few of our favorites with you. What are some of the screencap methods you use? Let us know in the comments. We are always interested in learning about new applications.

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