One And A Million: Mac App Store Has Mega First Day

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Is there anything Apple touches these days that DOESN'T turn to gold?

Apple released a (not surprisingly) giddy press release today, crowing that the newly-minted Mac App Store had logged one meeeellion downloads in its first twenty-four hours of operation.  Giddiest of all was Uncle Steve: "We're amazed at the incredible response the Mac App Store is getting. Developers have done a great job bringing apps to the store and users are loving how easy and fun the Mac App Store is."

Of course, it hasn't all been wine and roses.  As we — and others — found out the hard way, it's far too easy to accidentally purchase an app with a single, even inadvertent mouse click, as the App Store doesn't even ask "Are you SURE you wanna do this?"

Still: a million apps in one day.  Even factoring out the mistakes, that's pretty damn impressive no matter how you spin it.


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