China, India Angling For CDMA iPhone

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The pending release of a Verizon-flavored iPhone has cellular carriers in both China and India licking their chops in anticipation. 

It turns out Verizon isn't the only major cell company that's sticking to the CDMA format, even as the rest of the world has standardized on GSM — and was one of the reasons that Apple originally chose AT&T to be the exclusive iPhone carrier.

China Telecom (the country's #3 wireless carrier) and India's Tata Teleservice are also CDMA networks — and both companies are rumored to be in discussions with Apple to bring the "vPhone" to their countries.  China Unicom, a rival GSM network, is already swamped with iPhone 4 orders.  Interestingly, the mainland's top carrier (China Mobile) is also CDMA, but a proprietary homegrown version, and while they have made some inquiries about carrying an iPhone, it would have to be a custom version of same.

Still, it's clear that the Chinese and Indian markets have huge potential markets for iPhones in general, and CDMA iPhones in particular.

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[Via Apple Insider]

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