Verizon iPhone, So what?: 5 Reasons it May Be Worth Sticking With AT&T

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As the Verizon iPhone was announced today, many of the iPhone users who were sick of AT&T’s service and dropped calls celebrated. On a personal note (Can’t speak for the rest of iSmashPhone here, but I’m based out of South Texas) AT&T has been one of the best services available as far as fewest dropped calls. Of course that varies for everyone depending on where they live. Still, the service was bad enough for some to gain quite a bit of notoriety amongst iPhone users, especially in problem areas.

Now many iPhone users are ready to make the switch, and they aren’t looking back. Unfortunately, there may be no changing their mind. That said, there may still be a few reasons for iPhone users to stick by AT&T.

Let’s see why it just may be worth sticking around:



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Those early termination fees can cost you

1) You’re Somewhat New to AT&T, and the Cancellation Fee Outweighs the Cost of Switching

This is the most obvious answer. Anyone who has recently renewed their contract should definitely weigh their options. If you want a Verizon iPhone but you are still tied to AT&T you should factor in how long it is before your 2-years are up. This Wolfram Alpha Early Termination Fee calculator will help you figure out the cost of canceling your service. Keep in mind that you will also have to add in the cost of a new iPhone.


2) Use Voice and Data at the Same Time 

CDMA handsets can’t allow for voice and data usage at the same time. For instance, you can’t be on a phone call and look for directions on Maps at the same time. With AT&T, if the boss calls and asks you about something that was discussed in an email they sent, you can jump over to check your email then relay the message to your boss. It may not sound practical, but it’s extremely useful for those of us who are often on the go or have to be in constant communication for work.

Users who aren’t worried about that may want to know that they cannot receive push notifications while on a call, and that incoming calls will interrupt their use of any sort of data. One example may be checking email or downloading an App. You will be forced to choose between receiving the call or continuing what you are doing.


3) Verizon Has Yet to Be Put to the Brutal Million+ Users iPhone Test

AT&T has a a heck of a time handling Apple’s popular handset on their network when it comes to more populated areas. Whether you think that’s a good excuse or not, Verizon has yet to be put through this level of strain. They say they’ve been testing for a year, and that they are ready. They can talk all they want, but everyone will know for sure when the device hits full-force. 


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4) The Future is Still Uncertain for Verizon Product Cycles

This question was widely-asked. Not only by us, but by readers and even by someone at the event. The companies refused to comment on how the devices will refresh. That’s typical, Apple isn’t going to tell us that a new iPhone is coming, even if we know for a fact that they have a new handset due every year.

Still, we never learned how often Apple will refresh the Verizon iPhone. Because the iPhone 4 is going to be relatively new to Verizon, even by the time June rolls around and they announce the iPhone 5, it’s hard to know what options users who just renewed their contracts in February will have. 


5) When You AT&T Haters Leave, Things Will Get Better For Me

This one has also been mentioned, even by one of our commenters. While all the AT&T haters drop the carrier for Verizon, it will improve the stability of AT&T. At least that’s what the hope is. Of course that may take a lot of people switching over, but given the reactions we’ve heard, a lot of people are considering making the switch. The rest will be waiting to see the results of all that extra weight switching carriers.


Sticking With AT&T

For now, AT&T may be the best option for some users. It you’re already an iPhone owner, what’s another few months? Still, some may have a strong hatred for AT&T. Understandable if you are one of those users who has had dropped calls and various other problems. Just keep in mind some of the stuff we noted above, and know that we’re definitely not the only ones asking those questions.

Still, if you’re compelled to leave, it’s your choice, but you may want to weigh your options. 

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