Report: Adobe to Update Packager With iPad Support (Update)

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Adobe and Apple don’t exactly seem to get along. Still, it doesn’t meant they they can’t see the importance of each other’s place in the tech biz. In Adobe’s case it means iOS packagers. That way, someone who understands Flash can put together an App or game and package it in a format for iOS devices.

If the following rumor (spotted by website Macnn) is true, Adobe is updating their packager for iPhone to also include the iPad. This makes sense for both parties. For Adobe, it can help keep Flash going strong. For Apple, it just means all those Flash developers can also create content for the iPad. Not that upcoming devices like the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 need that extra push, but hey.

Some may remember when Apple’s App Store guidelines made it against the terms to use a compiler like this one, but they ended up reversing that after the threat of a possible government investigation.


Update: From Commenter Matthew Fabb:

The iPhone Packager was updated for work on iPad’s in June 2010. Apple was blocking apps made with Adobe’s iPhone packager at that point, but I imagine the work had already been done so they added that to the update.

Just go to Adobe‚Äôs Flash CS5 download page and the first update mentions that it includes iPad support. Also the iPhone Packager always (at least the release version, I don’t know about the private alpha & beta) supported multitouch including the pinch to zoom.

That said, the iPhone Packager is fallen behind the Android support which supports AIR 2.5 API compared to the iPhone Packager that supports just AIR 2.0. This was the result of Adobe stopping development on the iPhone Packager after Apple started blocking Flash apps. So an update to the iPhone Packager to get it in alignment with AIR for Android is likely in the works, but the rest of this rumor seems to be way, way off.

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