Report: Best Buy to Downplay Verizon iPhone to Sell More AT&T Phones? Maybe

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If the documents in question are in fact real (which is hard to confirm at this point given the circumstances), it seems that Best Buy is going to be downplaying the Verizon iPhone in hopes of selling its AT&T counterpart. Why? According to a report from Gear Live it may be because Best Buy won't be stocking the Verizon iPhone. It's hard to know for sure right now, but it would make sense.

If the documents are not real, which may be believable as website TechCrunch has pointed out that the wording of the Best Buy playbook is word-for-word part of a Boy Genius Report Blog Post:

No 4G

Verizon’s entire presence at CES last week was focused on one thing and one thing alone: 4G. Its LTE network is now live in 38 markets and a flurry of 4G phones will launch in the coming months. But the iPhone… the smartphone millions of Verizon Wireless subscribers have been dying for… is a 3G device.

We knew Verizon’s iPhone 4 would be a CDMA phone for a number of reasons, but 3G is so 2010. Sprint launched its first 4G phone with minimal WiMAX coverage and it ended up being the fastest-selling phone in the carrier’s history. Now, we won’t see a 4G iPhone from Verizon until 2012. That means while millions of Android phones are surfing Verizon’s 4G airwaves later this year, iPhones will still be puttering along at EVDO speeds.

Post updated to remove a reference to FaceTime over 3G, which will not be available on Verizon’s iPhone 4.

This can mean one of two things: 1) Best Buy couldn't come up with their own reasons to counter a Verizon iPhone or 2) Someone out there is laughing their arse off at all this coverage. 

What do you think?

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