Report: Samsung Cranking Up Processor Shipments to Apple

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The Korea Times reports that Samsung may be preparing to quadruple shipment of their mobile processors to none other than Apple.

The article suggests that relations between the two tech giants became strained when Apple began designing their own mobile processors and stopped buying from Samsung. That seems to have changed now, and this latest deal is said to be a benefit to both as Samsung will be providing Apple with chips for their highly-successful devices.

"Samsung has agreed with Apple to quadruple monthly shipments of it's mobile AP chips to 20,000 sheets throughout this year from 5,000 last year," is the word from one of Korea Times' sources. That, according to the same source would be 50 percent of Samsung's AP capacity in 2011, which is more than the supply the company needs for its own products.

It's also being reported that Samsung will be opening a $3.6 billion chip plant in Austin, Texas.

According to Korea Times (via Google Translate), they contacted a Samsung spokesperson, but received no comment.

It's never said if the increase in production has anything to do with the iPad 2 or the iPhone 5, but we can be sure that Apple is preparing for those launches and will be phasing out older model iDevices as they introduce the new gear. 

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