Report: Samsung Wins Bid for iPad 2 LCDs

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According to the Korea Times, Samsung has won a $500 million deal to provide displays for Apple's upcoming iPad 2.

Under the agreement, Samsung is to provide 8 million panels, the Korea Times' source says, and "there could be more forthcoming."

The report also calls it the 9.7-inch Retina display (though we aren't exactly sure that the iPad 2 will be equipped with a Retina display), and says that it's the most expensive component of the device, costing $80.

The report also says that the device will be smaller than the current model. Though seeing as how the display is said to be the same size, it can't be too much smaller.

As you may know, LG Display is handling a majority of the manufacturing of iPad screens.

Unfortunately, Samsung declined to comment, while a rep for Apple in South Korea was unavailable.

Also mentioned in the report is that Apple is considering downsizing the displays, but will not comment. We've heard such rumors before, but nothing has surfaced to provide us with anything solid. It seems unlikely that Apple would move towards anything significantly smaller than the current size.

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