Rumor: iPad 2 May Include Vibrating Motor

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There are two bits of juicy iPad 2 information making their way around the internet right now. The first is that the iPad 2 will include a vibrating motor. There isn't much information on the part, but it would certainly be a new addition to the iPad. This is being sold by GlobalDirectParts, who some may remember as the folks who put together the "iPhone 5" video that Apple requested be pulled. While the video didn't end up being an iPhone 5 antenna, it did look just like the Verizon iPhone that was announced about a week or so later.

Also circulating the internet right now is the supposed images of the iPad 2 screen, which is already being sold (also by GlobalDirectParts). According to reports the asking price of $218.19 is a good deal more than the current iPad model's screen, which is $63.35. That's even when taking into consideration the original's launch price last year, which was $144.99. What this means for the end product in terms of cost is difficult to say right now, but the screen listed as belonging to the iPad 2 definitely costs more than the previous one. 

That's quite a bit of information to the growing iPad 2 rumor pile. Here's a few more to get you caught up:

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[Via Global Direct Parts]

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