Rumor: Mac App Store to Launch Tomorrow At Noon Eastern

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We all know that the Mac App Store is set to launch tomorrow, January 6, but everyone is still trying to figure out what time we can expect Apple to open the storefront to millions of eager Apple fanboys.

According to a report from website The Loop, the Mac App Store is launching at 12pm on Thursday. That comes from sources the website deems reliable (well reliable enough to post about it, right?).

Here's what the Loop had to say:

According to my sources, the Mac App Store will be available at 12:00 pm (noon) ET on Thursday. That puts it at about 9:00 am PT where Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, Calif.

The Mac App Store will be an interesting way for Mac users to purchase applications similar to what they find on the App Store for their iDevices. While the idea of purchasing software through an online portal is nothing new, this will simplify the process by making the store an application easy to access from our desktop. Downloading will be as easy as it is on the iPad or iTunes, click to purchase. From there, the applications will auto-install, making it easy on the user-end, especially for the more casual computer user.

We are definitely going to check out the Mac App Store, and we think it will make for a great way to buy Apps for various types of users. Let's just hope they release a lot of free stuff too.

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