Rumor: Verizon Holding Special iPhone Event January 11th

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This lends more credibility to the rumor we heard earlier today from BGR, which claims that the Verizon iPhone release date is sometime between February 3 and the 6th.

This is CDMA or CDMA/GSM iPhone we've been hearing about for what seems like years now. Well, now rumors say that Verizon will be announcing their iPhone on January 11th. the This is likely a separate announcement from the iPhone 5, as Apple would probably like to keep that press conference for themselves.

Ol' MG Siegler of TechCrunch, who is known for being the Apple fan of the group mentioned that he was invited to the special event, and reasons that he's never been invited to a Verizon event directly. Verizon, knowing that MG has the Apple stuff pretty much covered over at TechCrunch sent him a non-transferrable invite to the press conference:

" I don't typically get invites directly from Verizon to anything. At least not that I can recall. They usually send those directly to the MobileCrunch and CrunchGear guys. But this invite appears to very specifically be for me – it's non-transferable. Would Verizon send me such an invite unless it was specially about Apple? "

Furthermore, Gizmodo reports that they have a long-standing great relationship with Verizon. Strangely, they haven't received their invite. They've tried contacting the carrier for information, but have yet to hear back. Since we all know the story of Gizmodo and the iPhone 4, it's likely that they aren't welcome to any event having to deal with Apple. Likely at Apple's request.

It also gives Apple a nice window of opportunity to talk up the Verizon iPhone if they hold their iPad 2 event late this month. Everybody wins. Except Gizmodo, who's not invited to the party. *tear* 

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