San Ramon Valley Fire Department App Can Save Lives

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This is an interesting application. It’s either a really good idea, or a really bad idea. It may be a life saver, but we can see how it may put the average citizen in harms way by trying to be a hero.

So the San Ramon Fire Department and other medical workers may be crazy busy right now, but this App shows you where there’s an emergency and what kind of an emergency it is. It tells you the status of the emergency workers (whether they are in route etc). The app has a lot going on, and it’s actually very interesting, however we do wonder how many would-be heroes my be endangering themselves in some situations.

Though there are some features, such as the push notification that informs you that CRP is needed at a location that can definitely be a lifesaver. This wouldn’t be the first time an iPhone App saves a life, we once talked about five true stories.

[Via San Ramon Fire Department]

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