Skype 5.0 Brings Group Video Chat to Mac OS


Skype 5 has dropped the beta and streamlined its interface and added some features to improve it's overall performance on Mac.

Some of the improvements include:

Group video calling and live chat customer support, both of which will be part of a premium package (free for seven days, but will cost $4.99 for a day pass or $8.99 to use for a month). Signing up before Feb. 28 with get you a 33 percent discount.

They have also slimmed down the interface so that buddy lists and chat windows don't take up as much screen real estate.

Full-screen mode is also returning for video calling. The new download is available via Skype's official website:

iPhone 4 users may already be familiar with Skype for iOS, which allows for video calling over both wifi and 3G. A feature limited to wifi with Apple's own FaceTime software.

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