Smartphone Race: It’s iPhone, But Only By A Nose

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A recent report on smartphone market share comes to us via the Nielsen Company — and it appears to show that, from June through November 2010, the iPhone is the market leader with 28.6 percent, versus RIM/BlackBerry at 26.1 percent and Android at 25.8 percent.

Look closer…

By Nielsen's own admission, RIM's share is within the margin of error of both Apple and Android — and with less than a 3% variation between the three, this horserace is almost too close to call.

More: Apple's market share, aside from a 1% increase in that six month period, is virtually flat, while Blackberry dropped about 7% — and Androids shot up up by 11%.  (The latter can be partially explained by the fact that there are a lot of different Android handsets out there, and they're being aggressively discounted, as opposed to Apple's "one iPhone, one price" model…)

[Via MacWorld IOS Central]

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