The Name Of The Game: Verizon’s iPhone Domain Name Buying Spree

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PocketNow thought it had the Scoop of the Century when it discovered that a company called "Verizon Trademark Services LLC" had scooped up the domain names "" and "" — not to mention "" 

A bit more research revealed that the domains' previous owner (one Jim Benton of also owns "," "," and even ""  Basically, all of these sites are paid link farms designed to place high in iPhone searches, and generate ad revenue accordingly.  (Can you say "cybersqatter," boys and girls?)  But hey, if Verizon spent the time and money to wrest them out of Benton's hands, must mean that long-rumored Verizon iPhone is pending, right?

Hold on, hoss: MacRumors did some more digging of their own — and discovered the Verizon purchase took place in November 2008.  And there are still plenty of "vPhone-ish" URL's being horded out there on the Intertubes, in anticipation of what is still believed to be a first quarter of 2011 vPhone launch.

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