5 Things We Expect to See With The Verizon iPhone

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The rumors have been circulating for what feels like years now. You know the story, and we’ve all heard it. Verizon will be getting the iPhone. From mid-2010 and all through the rest of the year it seemed like at least once a week we would hear one more story that “all but confirms” the Verizon iPhone.

Now, one day before the press event at which everyone is expecting to finally see the Verizon iPhone announced, it’s almost impossible not to be 100 percent positive when saying,”Verizon is going to be announcing the iPhone tomorrow.”

The Wall Street Journal helped validate our speculation, as they tend to be on target with their Apple leaks. We also learned that several prominent Apple bloggers, such as Techcrunch’s MG Siegler were invited to the event. Gizmodo, on the other hand, who says they have a great relationship with Verizon PR was not invited to the event. They can only guess it has something to do with last year’s iPhone 4 scoop. 

Verizon’s COO, Lowell McAdam, will be heading the event, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to make an appearance. We also learned recently that Verizon is posting official PR/company Tweets using Twitter for iPhone. That’s not very subtle. Unless some employee at Verizon is using a phone sold by a competitor, we don’t think it’s a coincidence.

This is no doubt a huge event for Verizon, and they may be making some additional announcements pertaining to the device. Let’s take a look at what we expect to see with the Verizon iPhone.

1) Unlimited Data Plan

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This report comes from none other than the Wall Street Journal. Verizon is pretty confident that they can handle the data loads that will come with the new iPhone users (they’ll know for sure soon). However, WSJ does note that it’s unknown how long Verizon will support this type of network, as the company itself has said that the industry needs to move towards some kind of tiered pricing plan. Still, this would be an important move for the company as it would bring additional users in, especially those who are sick of AT&T’s monthly data limit. 

2) Don’t Expect Major Changes to the Handset

In other words, don’t expect an iPhone 5. We are sure Apple will save that announcement for one of their own special press events. Aside from the internals, which will work on CDMA-powered networks (like Verizon) we recently saw a video that shows that some of the device’s internal components have changed. This may be normal, as many electronics manufacturers change small components within devices for cutting costs and improving the manufacturing process. However, what’s most noticeable from the video was the new antenna, which wraps around the outer edge of the device. In the video showing the updated iPhone, the infamous gaps are placed differently. As shown in the image below:

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So who knows how real the video is? Apple ordered it to be pulled down, so it definitely upset them.



3) A Boost in iPhone Sales as Droid Slows

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Creepy Droid Eye is Angry

The iPhone is a big seller, no question about it. Before commenting negatively on this, keep in mind that we aren’t talking so much about marketshare right now as we are how many iPhones will sell on Verizon when the device is introduced. Several new users will jump to Verizon, or want to give the popular iPhone a try (we are sure that there are many Verizon subscribers just waiting for the iPhone to jump to their carrier), and the handsets will see a huge boost while they are introduced. Buyers who were looking for a smartphone and thought about getting a Droid may now go iPhone instead.


4) AT&T Will Lose a Lot of iPhone Fans as Verizon Gains Them

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AT&T is not popular amongst many iPhone users. Data usage limits, confusing billing plans, unreliable networks. It’s definitely upsetting their customers. We are sure that many of those customers are just waiting for the iPhone to be available on a carrier like Verizon, so that they can jump ship on AT&T and use the other network. For one, they are tired of their unreliable connection. Second, it’s a big middle-finger to the company they struggled with for the last four years. Even now, one of the most popular search terms we find leading to our blog is Verizon iPhone, so it’s definitely something people are looking for information on. It’s bound to happen.


5) AT&T Network Will Improve

There’s no way to know this for sure, but we can take a guess. First, AT&T will have to work extra hard to convince you that the iPhone is better on their network than it is on Verizon. Whether it’s through marketing or investing in better network infrastructure, they want to keep their subscribers.

There is also the fact that they will likely to be losing iPhone-toting subscribers to Verizon, effectively lightening their load. Meanwhile, Verizon will be getting a whole bunch of new iPhone users. iPhone users who love to download Apps and songs, browse the internet and listen to Pandora or video Skype with friends over 3G. It can definitely put a strain on any network. If anything, it will be a great way to test a network’s capability.


What Do You Want to See Tomorrow?

At this point, the Verizon CDMA iPhone is pretty much as real as it gets without having Steve Jobs or Lowell McAdam come out and say it (which they will kindly do tomorrow). We’re all ready to hear the news as well as know when the Verizon iPhone release date is set. We have seen guesses and speculation as to what we will see tomorrow.

What do you expect, or what do you want to see from tomorrow’s announcement? Unlimited data? A new iPhone antenna? Something totally unrelated to the iPhone as blogs all over the internet slap their foreheads in disbelief? Let us know in the comments! 

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