Goldilocks: This Video Series Was Shot on an iPhone 4





Goldilocks is a series of short films shot on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Thanks to the devices' ability to capture HD video at 720p, they've been able to create something wouldn't have been possible on a small budget just a few years ago.

The series stars the lovely Jolene Kay, and is written by Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel. It's proof that some of the simplest tools can yield some of the best results.

What's more, they put together trailers for Macworld '11(where they will be showcasing tips for filmmakers)  using the built-in templates of iMovie '11. The trailers are entertaining, and the short films are worth a look. They've been distributing them online and through their Majek App (link).

We have always been fans of work created on iDevices, such as those who can create full musical arrangements with nothing but iPhones and iPads.


[Via Majek Pictures]

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