Three Mystery iPad SKUs Show Up on Best Buy’s Website

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For a brief while, three new iPad SKUs popped up on Best Buy's website as "Coming Soon." While this shouldn't be much of a surprise as we all pretty much already knew that Apple should be releasing the iPad 2 in the coming months, it may just be another indication that retailers are prepping things on their end.

At the same time, it could be an employee who handles the site's content pullin' our chain. Having seen this sort of thing before with various other retail outlets, we are willing to bet it was some sort of a legitimate error.

Keep in mind that whatever folks handle the webwork for Best Buy probably don't know any more than any of us do.

We already know a few things about the iPad 2, thanks to info found within the iOS 4.3 Beta and the SDK. You can check that out here.

[Via Best Buy]

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