Verizon iPhone: A Look at the Extra Fees and Services


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Nothing in life is truly free. Even free Apps cost someone somewhere along the way. So it's no surprise that owning a smartphone is no exception. The Verizon iPhone is on the want list of smartphone users right now, and it's time to take a quick look at some of the costs that are associated with it.

The folks over at PC World did some thorough research and found all the extra costs and figures associated with the Verizon iPhone. Hit the jump to read up:

As you must know by now the Verizon iPhone will run the same price as the AT&T iPhone. That is $199 for a 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model.

Activation – The activation fee isn't a huge deal. It comes with the territory. $35 will activate a phone on Verizon's network. 

Wifi Hotspot Feature – This will run the same as Verizon's other phones. $20 a month. Going over that will be an extra 20 bucks per gigabyte, so make sure you are careful when you are reaching your limit. As PCW points out, this is twice what AT&T charges for wired tethering. Of course you are adding the ability to connect up to five devices at once. 

Visual Voicemail – There are conflicting reports on this one. Some say it will cost the extra $2.99 a month, while others say there is no extra fee. Unfortunately that's about all we have, but it was worth a mention to those who will be paying attention to prices associated with the new handset. 

Data Plan – This is going to be limited to one plan for smartphone users. If you have a smartphone with Verizon, you are limited to the $30 a month unlimited data plan and nothing else. It's probably not a bad thing considering how much data smartphone users eat up.

Ending that Contract Early? – PCW also notes that Verizon's early termination fee is $350, minus $10 for each month from the end date of your contract. Ouch. Oh well, cancellation fees always suck. On top of that, they say that the restocking fee for Verizon is typically $35. They add that it's probably best to shop Apple who charges no restocking fee.


What Does Your Smartphone Cost You?

Owning a smartphone can cost quite a bit these days. The data, the texting the calls (who does that anymore?) it all adds up. As more advanced phone networks come into place, we will probably see even more solutions. Still, it begs the question, how much do you pay? and do you think it's worth it?



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