War Of The Words: Apple, Microsoft Duking It Out Over “App Store”

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When is an App Store not an App Store?

When Apple claims they own the term — and Microsoft retorts "oh, HELL no."

Apple first used the phrase "App Store" shortly after the iPhone debuted, and even went ahead and registered it as a trademark.  Meanwhile, Microsoft — hoping to get some market traction for their Windows Phones — wanted to create their own App Store.  The House of Jobs cried "trademark infringement!"  The House of Gates, aping the lingerie babe from their TV ads, snorted "Really?!?" and filed a lawsuit, claiming that the term "app store" is utterly generic and therefore not trademarkable.

None of this, mind you, proved to be a bother for Blackberry ("App World") or Android ("Android Market").  And you'd think there'd be at least ONE marketing genius on the MS payroll who could come up with a unique name for a Windows Phone app store, no?

Instead, we get another legal circus: some antics over semantics, as it were.

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