How To: 5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old AT&T iPhone

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The Verizon iPhone is no longer a thing of internet rumor. It's real, and it becomes available in about a month (Feb. 10, to be exact). One of the things we've been hearing most is commenting from users who have used AT&T for their iPhones and are now ready to switch to Verizon. One of the surprises, however, was how many people said they are sticking with AT&T. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but they never seemed very vocal about it until just recently. It's actually been fairly split down the middle from what we've seen with neither side really being notably larger than the other.

First, to answer the question on some people's minds. You can't use the AT&T iPhone with Verizon. There are two different kinds of cellular technology built into them. It's not happening. Now you are faced with the question of whether to stick around or whether to sell it off. There are reasons for each (5 reasons to stay with AT&T and 5 Reasons to Go With Verizon)

Well, for those who want to get rid of their old AT&T iPhone, there are quite a few things you can do. Some will help you recover some of the costs, others are just good-natured ways to hand it off.

Let's have a look at some of the things you can do when it's time to ditch your old phone and move on:



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1) Ebay

Remember Ebay? Yeah, it used to be huge, then online retailers like Amazon came along. But you know what? Ebay is still one of our favorite places to sell things off or to shop. It's widely-used so there is always someone around who may be willing to buy your old stuff. Obviously, the model iPhone you are selling will matter the most when it comes to pricing. A lot of potential buyers will pay big money for even some of the older iPhones models. As we've mentioned before, they don't mind paying extra if it means avoiding a contract. Unlocked phones seem to go for even more. Just scan around Ebay and see what different models at different configurations are going for. You may be surprised at the value some of these things retain. Now you can use the money you made here to buy your new iPhone with Verizon, and pay your early termination fee, if you have one. iPhone



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2) Craigslist

We've done very little with Craigslist, but it's an option if you're selling. The upside is that this can often be faster than Ebay. You can find someone in your area who need an iPhone and is willing to pay cash for it here and now. If the price is right, you may be able to make more than you would on the auction site because you are going for a direct transaction with no middleman. The downside? Well, other than just make sure you meet the other person in a public area, not much.



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3) Family and Friends

Sometimes friends or family are willing to pay up. The good thing is that they know you. So unless you're a jerk, they aren't going to be skeptical of the device you are selling them. That said, depending on how good of a friend they are, you may not feel cool with charging them too much to take the device off your hands. The same goes for cousins other relatives. If you're a really good sport, you may just want to hand if off and live knowing that you've done your good deed for the week.


4) Donate it for a Good Cause

There's nothing wrong with giving away a free phone if it means helping someone who needs it more than we do. In this case, it's donating phones for battered women. While you won't be making back the money you paid for the phone, it's kind of cool knowing that you donated something for a good cause. There are several organizations out there: Shelter Alliance, Cell Phones for Life and Wireless Foundation.


5) Gazelle

Let's start by saying you won't get the best deals on your iPhone. Still, if you really want to sell the thing off without having to deal with eBay auctions or negotiating a price, or any of that other stuff, you can sell it to Gazelle. They buy used electronics. For instance, an iPhone 4 16GB goes for $345. While the iPhone 4 32GB will fetch you $430. It's not eBay cash-in, but it may save time and effort to just go this route. Link


How Will You Get Rid of Your Old iPhone?

Of course these are just some of the popular, and easy, ways to get rid of your old iPhone. We know there are plenty of options available out there.

Now we want to ask those of you who are planning on making the switch to Verizon. How do you plan on getting rid of your phone?

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