Will February Make Us Shiver/With Every iPhone Verizon Delivers?

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Boy Genius Report is reporting that an early February release of a Verizon-flavored iPhone is looking better and better.  The evidence?  According to "a source close to Apple," the House of Jobs has blacked out employee vacation requests between Thursday, February 3, and Sunday, February 6. 

Why is this significant?  Well, back in July, Cupertino initiated a similar Thursday-to-Sunday all-hands-on-deck decree — and that was the weekend the iPhone launched.  Similarly, Verizon likes to make its product announcements on a Thursday.

So is the so-long-rumored-it-may-as-well-be-fact CDMA — or CDMA/GSM — iPhone really due the first week of February?

Maybe yes, maybe no.  Obviously, no one from Apple or Verizon have confirmed or denied.  At the same time, the rumor mill hasn't reported any other Apple product launches in this time frame.  And Verizon did start selling iPads recently, albeit the Wi-Fi models with the option of a mobile hotspot and data subscription.

The overwhelming evidence suggests that some kind of "vPhone" is coming.  So the question then is not "if," but rather, "when."

(Apologies to Don McLean, whose "American Pie" was subverted for this article's title…)

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