Will Piracy Be Prominent on the Mac App Store?

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According to PC Mag, Hackulous, known for cracking iOS software recently released various updates, such as tools used for cracking Mac App Store Apps, and a “reverse BitTorrent,” which will be built to make the Apps more available on the internet.

We all expected piracy to run rampant, as it does with any software, so we can’t say we’re surprised.

Another report from tuaw, notes that not implementing receipt checking on the developer end could also lead to problems.

They point to a tweet from developer and former writer Nik Fletcher which asked:

“O hai developers with Mac App Store builds out: you did implement receipt checking so that people can’t pirate your app. Yes?”

According to tuaw, receipt checking “is the process that lets developers verify that the app is installed as a valid purchase by checking the embedded purchase receipt…included by Apple and contains the UUID of the Mac authorized to run the app.”

They say that it’s something that developers must implement, and that “it’s not clear there’s anything Apple could have done to protect developers from themselves in this situation.”

Furthermore, tuaw says that they tested it out by sharing an unnamed paid App over Dropbox. They were able to open it on another computer that belonged to another user. As they note, the report is in no way meant to condone piracy, rather it should make developers aware of a precaution they should take before submitting software to the Mac App Store.

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