Will the iPad 2 Cost More at Launch Than the Original iPad?


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Those of you who have been following the news know that the iPad 2 is definitely in the works. We aren't sure when Apple will announce the tablet, but we expect it to be within the next few months as they prepare for an April launch.

There is something that seems to be coming up through the rumors we've been hearing, and it may concern some of those who are anticipating the new device. The iPad 2 cost may be higher than the original at launch. It's not for sure, but it's worth thinking about for those who are planning a purchase.

First, Best Buy listed the tablet's starting price at $599. Which is $100 more than the $499 that the original iPad launched at.

Then there are the displays we learned about yesterday. They are from GlobalDirectParts (who posted the video of the newer iPhone antenna, which was later pulled at Apple's request). The supposed iPad 2 displays are priced at $218.19. The original iPad displays launched at $144.99. That's about $75 bucks (give or take a few) more than the original screen.

It may seem strange to raise the price, but remember they raised the price of the Mac Mini by $100 last year. Don't forget that the Mini was only $499 when it launched.

Apple also knows that the device has been very successful, so a price hike may not be beyond reason for the company. We won't know for sure until Apple announces the iPad 2 release date and price. What do you think?

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