Woz: “Can I Have A Dual-Band iPhone, Please?”

Steve Wozniak loves his iPhone — no matter who the carrier is.

The Apple co-founder — who, back in August 2010, publicly declared the iPhone 4’s “death grip” a non-issue — recently weighed in on the phone’s pending debut on Verizon Wireless.  In short, Woz thinks it’s great, as Verizon has up until now been known for its Android-heavy lineup, and in his opinion, the iPhone is a superior product for notta lotta dinero more.  Right now, his main wish-list item is a dual-mode handset (hear that, Herr Jobs?  Your buddy thinks a CDMA/GSM iPhone would be a Good Thing — make it so!).

Watch the video to get Woz’s full take on the vPhone.   And for more on the Verizon iPhone, be sure to check out our stories 20 Questions about the Verizon iPhone Answered, 5 Reasons to Stay With AT&T, and 5 Reasons it May Be Worth a Switch to Verizon.

[Via VentureBeat]

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