A Peak at a Supposed iPad 2 Leather Case


The video above shows what is said to be an iPad 2 leather case, which website M.I.C. Gadget got their hands on. You can see the cutout for the camera, but other than that, the differences aren't immediately obvious.

To test it out, they tried putting the current iPad into the case, but it appeared that it's designed for a slightly smaller, thinner iPad as they are unable to pop it in. Once again, the size difference isn't noticable by simply looking at the case, it only becomes apparent when they try to put the tablet in.

Though there is no solid iPad 2 release date, (in fact, it hasn't even been announced) it's been generating more buzz than many of the other tablets that are on the way. In case you need to catch up on some of the past stuff we've heard about the iPad 2, you can do so with the following links:

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