Apple: NC Data Center will Support iTunes and MobileMe this Spring


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Remember that $1 billion dollar data center we heard about a while back? Well, it's back in the news and this time it's because Apple has made an official mention of the facility. This, during an annual shareholders meeting held earlier today. We may not know much more for a while, but let's break down the few details we do know.

Data Center?

We heard news of the data center in Maiden, NC. One of the buildings is built on a 183-acre plot of land, and measures in at about 500k square feet with rumors that Apple may be looking to double that to 1 million square feet. (Good lord that's huge!) Actually, it's the one of the largest buildings of its kind in the world, so maybe Apple just wants to show everybody up by adding an extra 500k just for kicks. There is also a building that was recently in construction (though it may be built by now) that is across the way on 70 acres of land. It's been reported that this will probably be used for office space.


What Is the Data Center For?

According to AppleInsider, who was at the shareholder meeting, the data center will support iTunes and MobileMe as well as Apple's corporate systems. This, of course, leads to more speculation about the long-rumored iTunes on the cloud service we've heard so much about in the past.

We've also heard that Apple is going to make MobileMe a free service, and enhance features for iTunes and iOS users. The service is currently $99 a year, and offering it for free would no doubt take some serious power on Apple's end.



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