At Last, The 1984 Show: Motorola Teases Its Xoom SuperBowl Ad

This correspondent is old enough to remember the Nike "Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla" commercial that was supposed to be so hot and trendsetting that, prior to its debut on the MTV Video Music Awards, it had its own teaser clip.  A commercial for a commercial?  How meta is that?  (It didn't help that the ad itself was kind of a damp squib…)

So history repeats itself, several times over, as Motorola tantilizes us with the first 15 seconds of their SuperBowl advert for the Xoom tablet.  Similarities to Apple's own Ridley Scott-directed, 1984-influenced Macintosh ad should definitely be inferred — as well as the irony that the Xoom is being positioned as the latest "iPad killer."  (Hello, Moto?  Samsung Galaxy Tab on line one…)


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