Commercial Prone: Campbell’s Soup Scores Bigger With iAds Than With TV Adverts

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For the Campbell's Soup people, advertising on iDevices rather than television is  turning out to be…wait for it!…"mmm mmm good."

To help promote its new line of reduced-sodium soups, Campbells turned to Apple to create a series of iAds (and a matching iPhone app).  Estimated cost?  US$1 million.  Cost of comparable TV spots? US$25 million.  Even with only a 1% clickthrough on 53 million ad impressions (according to the Nielsen people), that's still pretty cost-effective.  Campbells is also claiming that people who saw the iAd were more than twice as likely to recall it as those who'd seen a TV ad.

It's too early to tell if the mere novelty of an interactive smartphone ad is what drove the results, but as anyone who's tolerated the ad banners in Angry Birds can tell you, apps with implanted commercials are here to stay. 

[Advertising Age, via CrunchGear]

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