Conversation Stoppage: Verizon’s Network Limits iPhone Conference Calls

Let’s preface this article by saying that NO cell phone network is perfect.  Each vendor and/or technology has its plusses and minuses.  Or to put it another way: if AT&T’s network was the be-all and end-all, would people be clamoring for the iPhone to become available on other carriers?  And now that the iPhone has, in fact, escaped the exclusive grip of the Death Star, how’s it going to fare on a different network?

So the Verizon/iPhone has come and gone, the new phone’s been unwrapped and activated, and…well, the Big V is now under plus/minus evaluation.  On the positive side, Verizon cell service is demonstrably more reliable than AT&T’s.  But the CDMA technology that provides that reliability falters when it comes to data speeds and multitasking: AT&T is still the faster 3G network, and you still can’t take a call and websurf simultaneously on a Verizon phone.

And, as the above video test from 9 to 5 Mac demonstrates, add conference calls to the Verizon debit column: you’re not able to voice-link with more than two other people.  So if this is an important feature for you (and it may well not be), you may have to swallow your pride and get your phone and service somewhere other than Verizon.

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