6 Features and Specs of the Motorola Xoom


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Yesterday, we all saw a more in-depth look of the upcoming iPad rival from Motorola, the Xoom. It's one of the first serious iPad competitors on the way, and to say that it doesn't look impressive and promising would be a lie on our part.

Let's take a look at some of the announced features of the new tablet:

1) Two cameras

The two camera thing has pretty much become a standard in mobile devices. One on the front, at a much lower resoltuion (2MP on the Xoom) that is designed for video conferencing over wifi, 3G or 4G. The other is usually a higher res camera (in the case of the Xoom it's 5MP) for taking photos or capturing video in 720p HD.


2) 10.1-inch widescreen

The screen is only slightly larger than that of the iPad, but 10.1 inches is a great size. The resolution is 1280√ó800 pixels, and the device supports 1080p HD video. Watching movies will definitely be great on this tablet.


3) Adobe Flash

This is something that iPad critics have talked about for a year already. The device doesn't display Flash content. Steve Jobs has maintained his stance that Flash isn't great software and that it's a resource hog. That's why Apple's tablet doesn't have the capability. You know what? He's right. Anyone who read reviews of the Galaxy Tab probably also read about how poorly it does Flash. That's why this next feature will come in handy.

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4) Dual-Core Processor

This will not only help things run smoothly on the device, but will be a major reason why Flash will finally display correctly on a tablet. Yes, it works on devices like the Galaxy Tab, but not very well. The 2 GHz dual-core processor should make this thing perform awesomely, and may leave our current-gen iPad in the dust.


5) Android 3.0

Honeycomb is the newest version of Android. The best part about the operating system is that it's designed specifically for tablet devices. That means a tablet can no longer be called a big Android phone (which was a criticism we kept hearing about the Galaxy Tab when it was released).

6) HDMI out

This will make the tablet a nice media player for the home as well. If you have a movie or some home video saved on your Xoom, you can plug into an HDTV via HDMI and enjoy viewing with the whole famiy. Apple's devices require a special cable for something like this.


Getting a Xoom?

It's a nice tablet, and it's rumored to be landing on Feburary 17. Kudos to Moto on keeping everyone updated on that (actually, the credit goes to Best Buy leaks and intentional leaks by football players). Perhaps we will see an announcement during the Super Bowl, that sounds like the time to get people interested, right? 

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