European Tour 2011: iOS Devices Dominate The Continent

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StatCounter, who tracks the browsers, OS's, and such that access websites with their free visitor counter, released some studies related to European smartphone Web access over the past year.  ("Caveat emptor" may be assumed, but here goes…)

Not surprisingly, iOS devices pretty much dominated the field.  Android handsets show a slow but steady increase, Blackberries seem to have peaked back in November and are falling off, and Symbian phones are on the decline.  (Could be the reason Nokia recently got in bed with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7…)  In the UK alone, it's a battle between Apple and RIM, with everybody else a distant also-ran.  Compare this to the US, where Android devices are the tech barbarians at the House of Jobs' gates; the report suggests that Google has to work harder on the overseas markets.

[Via The Register UK]

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