Hands Off! Apple Puts Global Touch Panel Output In Stranglehold

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If reports from the Far East are correct, Apple is showing a (you'll pardon the pun) "touching display"…of monopolistic practices.

Having sold (and continuing to sell) a boatload of iDevices based around touch-panel displays, the House of Jobs is definitely a prime — and arguably, primary – buyer of said touch panels.  But according to DigiTimes, in order to meet an internal goal of shipping 40 meeellion iPads in 2011, Apple has called dibs on close to 60% of the world's touch-panel production output — specifically, glass capacitive technology from major manufacturers such as Wintek and TPK.

When you add in demand by other major US players like RIM, Motorola, and HP, many second-banana tech companies are scrambling to secure ANYONE's touch screens for their products.  Some are turning to smaller screen suppliers (e.g. Samsung aligning itself with Sintek Photronic), while others must resort to thin-film-technology touch screens, which are more plentiful — if less durable — than their glass brethren.

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