Hollaback: End Street Harassment With Public Humiliation

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Public humiliation is a good way to get back at anybody. We remember when a local news channel posted photos of people caught buying hookers. We aren't here to debate wrong or right, but you can bet that this helped cut back on the prostitution downtown. Shaming people publicly was enough to get any would-be purchasers of, ahem…goods and services to think twice.

That's kind of the concept behind Hollaback. Only the idea is to publicly humiliate jerks who like to make unwelcome advances towards others. Why is this? People don't like their face to publicly posted and labeled a creep. It scares off potential dates.

Let's say a girl is walking around the bar and a dude decides it would be funny to say something that would be considered sexual harassment. She snaps a photo of the guy and uploads it to the Hollaback website with a description of what he did and how it felt.

The only thing we caution against is using this kind of thing the wrong way. Many lives have been ruined by false allegations.

[Via Hollaback]

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