How To: Install Region-Locked App on Your iPhone Through iTunes

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There are various Apps out there limited to certain territories. One such popular application is Spotify. Luckily, there is a workaround. Hit the jump to read up on how.


Let's say you want an App like Spotify, which is currently limited to Europe.

1) Sign out of your iTunes account. Scroll to the bottom of the store.

2) You will see a little image of a flag representing your country. You can click on that to change it to the UK.

3) Search for Spotify, or any other free App you'd like to download from the UK store, and click to purchase.

4) You will be asked to create a new account and provide a credit card number.

5) Make a new account with a fake address. The easiest thing to do is look up a a fast food joint and use their address and phone number. When asked for a payment method, simply select "None."

Now you can download free Apps from outside of your region.

Another option is to access iTunes through a VPN service. Some are paid, others are free. You will have to use Google and find one with servers located in the region you want to download from, but costs $40 a year. Again, you will need to generate a fake address. That can be done with the above method of looking up an address in the UK and using that one.

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