iControlPad Now Available For Pre-Order

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The iControlPad, like many other controllers designed around adding buttons to the iPhone, seemed long forgotten (Anyone remember some of these designs?). It's pretty often we see designs similar to this that never really seem to make it beyond a few concept renders or a YouTube video.

The iControlPad, however, is actually going to be available this month. Pre-orders have already started. We've talked about the idea of adding buttons to iDevices, but always figured that it would be tough to do without developer support. As it is, this $75 unit does not work with all games and emulators. On the plus side, it works with Bluetooth devices, meaning your smartphones and even some computers will be able to use it. 

Below are the specs for the controller according to the official website:


Supporting any phone/console/computer with Bluetooth.

  • Digital Dpad, 2 Analogue nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons.

  • Clever side clamp system allowing it to attach to almost any phone

  • Multiple BT protocols supported

  • Should 'just work' on any Android app which supports a PC gamepad.

  • iPhone users should have jailbreak but does work on unbroken iPhone in keyboard mode.

  • Internal 1500maH battery can also charge your phone via USB when playing.

  • Upgradeable firmware, new features can be added, restrictions can be bypassed.

  • Delivery starts in February.

    [Via iControlPad]

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