7 iDevice Rumors We Hope Come True This Year

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Please excuse our very crude representation of what a larger-screened iPhone may look like


The iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 are likely to be released this year. Unfortunately, we don’t know what features they will be loaded with. That doesn’t mean we can’t remain hopeful (within reason, of course). We’ve put together a list of some of the things we’d like to see in the upcoming iDevices.

Some of these are much more likely than others, but know that we stayed away from obvious territory like the iPad 2 cameras. Hit the jump to read on:



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1) iPhone 5 Will be Competitively Priced

This rumor originated from Bloomberg as a smaller model iPhone. That has since been reported as false. What remains, however, is the rumor that Apple is in fact trying to reduce the price of the handset. This is as they try to combat the sales of the emerging Android market, where many of the handsets do sell for much less than Apple’s iPhone. This can help Apple sell more phones in the increasingly competitive smartphone market.

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2) iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will have NFC Technology

We are still looking forward to NFC becoming the standard for purchasing on the go. Just bump your phone against the credit card machine and you’re on your way. This may be the first step in replacing our wallets with cellular devices, as has become popular in Japan. It’s been said that in Japan, you can leave home without your wallet, but you can’t without your phone, as many of the things typically carried in a wallet can now be stored on a phone. While this may sound crazy for some of us, it’s worth keeping in mind that a properly-configered smartphone can be remotely bricked, rendering it useless to a thief. It makes for some great possibilities in the future.


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3) MobileMe Will Be Free

Free services that provide cloud-based storage are on the rise. Sure, they offer paid services as well, but many are willing to offer a few gigs for free, and let you upgrade if you want more space. Apple knows this, and they want their users to use their services. They are said to be enhancing MobileMe and offering cloud-based storage free of charge. There’s no telling how much people will be getting for free, perhaps a few gigs, with tiered plans from there? Either way, it will be nice for iPhone and iPad users to have a more unified environment.


4) iPhone 5 Could be Available on the Four Major Carriers

This rumor came up earlier today. While we don’t think it’s going to happen right away, we do think it would be great. There are many people out there who are tied to a carrier, and many of them want an iPhone. The device would sell. This also creates more competition amongst the carriers over the iPhone, as we’ve seen with Verizon and AT&T with the iPhone 4.


5) Improved Voice Commands in iOS

When many think of voice commands in iOS, they typically think of an iPhone. However, why not add that to the iPad and the iPod Touch as well? Either way, improvements in how they handle voice commands would be very welcome additions. We’ve talked about it in the past, and have not been very impressed with what Apple has had to offer. Google on the other hand has done an amazing job on the Android platform. What’s more is that Apple hopes to use these to make their phones more appealing to those who aren’t fans of the the touchscreen. This could mean that most of the UI is accessible through voice. This can also be great for the vision impaired, or others who need easier accessibility options.

6) Larger, Edge to Edge Screen

Okay, we aren’t fans of the iPhone being any bigger than it already is. It’s a great, portable size. That said, we would like to see the rumor of the larger screen come true. This is possible based on some of the rumors circulating that upcoming models of the iPhone could have an edge-to-edge screen. More than a few rumors have talked about the handset dropping the Home Button. This is possible, and would add space for a slightly larger display. 

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For Now, Jailbreak is the Only Solution

7) Wireless Sync

We’ve been asking for this one for a while now, as have many iPhone users. The ability to sync wirelessly to your computer. Our old Apple TV does it very well, and that thing probably doesn’t have half of the hardware capabilities found in the iPhone or the iPad. Imagine getting home and having your iPhone sync the second you arrive, without your even having to think about it. Of course we hope that Apple would offer the option, because we can see how it can also become a problem if not used carefully. Still, we typically sync all of our devices to our computer anyway, but rather than having to plug in the iPhone then plug in the iPad we can let our device connect and to all the work for us. 


Features You Hope to See?

These features may or may not happen. Some have been rumored, others have been speculated. That said, we are always interested in what the readers have to say. Perhaps we missed something, as there are countless features we’d all like to see. What, within the realm of possibility, would you like to see in the next iPhone or iPad 2?


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