iFacelift: Latest Apple Peel Case Turns iTouch Into iPhone, Looks Prettier To Boot

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Last month, we stumbled across a video of the latest Apple Peel 520 case/hack (which pairs your jailbroken iTouch with a SIM card to produce a working cell phone).  Unlike the first-gen (prototype?) Peel, which was just a big honkin' rubberized case with the added circuitry built in, the newest Peel looks rather iPhone 4-ish.

Now Yosion, the folks behind the Peel, have posted some pretty pictures of the 2G case here.  And…wow, it looks JUST like an iPhone 4, right down to the volume buttons placement.

Still no word on price/availability, and we still have some methods you can use right now to "enphone" your iTouch.

[Via Wired]

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