iOS 4.2.1 and 4.2.6 Jailbreak How To: Snowbreeze 2.2.1 Now Available


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You may remember that earlier over the weekend iPhone hacker iH8sn0w released Snowbreeze 2.2 fixing the issue with iBooks on jailbroken devices. He has since updated it to version 2.2.1, which adds some fixes for jailbreaking the Verizon iPhone 4 (running on iOS 4.2.6) and also adds drag and drop IPSW support.

This version is also said to fix issues some may experience when using Windows’ classic theme.

Head over to to download the jb. (Windows users only)

You will also need the IPSW for your device:

iPhone 3GiPhone 3GS, iPhone 4iPod Touch 2GiPod Touch 3GiPod Touch 4GiPad

How to use Snowbreeze jailbreak:

Note: Before doing anything. ALWAYS back up your data.

1) Download the file linked above if you haven’t already.

2) Unzip the file and launch the application.

3) If running Vista or Win7, you will have to right click on the App and choose “Run as Administrator” or it won’t work.

4) Connect your iOS device to your PC.

5) You will see a splash screen for Snowbreeze, hit the blue arrow button in the bottom-right corner to proceed.

6) It will ask you to find your IPSW firmware, click “Browse” and find it on your computer. (If following the instructions, you downloaded this earlier before step one)

7) Hit the proceed button again, and snowbreeze will go to work.

8) From here, you can select “Expert Mode” and hit proceed.

9) Select “Genera” from this screen and proceed again.

10) You will see options that allow you to customize your firmware, such as enabling background wallpaper, etc.

12) After selecting any options you want, hit proceed again, and Snowbreeze will again begin to do some crunching as it builds your custom firmware. Wait until it finishes.

13) Now you will receive a message telling you to put your device in DFU mode.

14) This vid will help you go into DFU mode:

15) Launch iTunes. You will be told that you have entered recovery mode, and click OK to move on.

16) Holding shift on your keyboard, you can click on Restore in iTunes. Find your “Sn0wbreeze_iPhone_xxx”firmware and let it do its job.

Now you have a jailbroken iPhone.


After the update, unlockers can do so with Ultrasn0w 1.2

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