iPad 2 Announcement Event Is Official

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Still wondering about the iPad 2 launch date? Look no further than March 2. That's next week, when Apple will be announcing the release date and details on the long-awaited, long-rumored iPad 2, or as Apple is likely to call it, the iPad.

We heard it as rumor yesterday, when the folks at All Things D got the scoop. Now it seems to be official. This puts two major Apple product upgrades very near each other (possibly) as we've heard extensive rumors and seen supposed leaked shots of the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. Now the iPad 2, which will be an update to what is arguably Apple's most talked about products.

We are expecting the device to have two cameras, a slimmed down form-factor and perhaps a lighter-weight tablet. We may even see a slight boost in resolution, while the overall frame of the device is just a bit smaller (though not enough to change the screen size).

As usual, the event is happening at the Yerba Buena center for the Arts at 10AM Pacific.

Some may remember the rumors yesterday that the iPad 2 and the iPhone were going to see delays, but those rumors turned out to be false…apparently.

At this time, it's still not known if Steve Jobs, who is on medical leave, will be presenting at the event. He's been seen publicly a few times since, but it's not difficult to imagine Schiller or Cook taking the stage this time around (though if that were the case, it would be cool to see Steve make a special appearance via FaceTime).

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