iPad 2: Will Apple Surprise Us Next Week with Immediate Availability?

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The iPad 2 launch date may be coming very soon after the official announcement. Possibly even later this week.

Some reports are circulating that Apple may be planning to surprise the public with the near-immediate availability of the iPad 2, tablet computer. At this point, that may be the best way Apple can surprise us. As it is, everyone knows it's coming. The features rumors and reports have circulated enough for us to figure out what may be real and what may be fake, and at this point we all have a pretty good idea of what the iPad 2 will be equipped with. Of course Apple may surprise us.

According to website AppleInsider, that may very well be the case. Apple may have truckloads of these tablets in transit during their media briefing. Their sources, they say, have been consistently accurate "regarding Apple's future product plans and the timing related to those plans."

As was the case with the original iPad, AppleInsider says that we will probably see the wifi only model arrive before the 3G-equipped version. This is because the wifi tablet, and it's release are entirely up to Apple, while the 3G model requires cooperation from their carrier partners to roll the device out.

So far, the features that we can count on seeing include the front and back cameras, a larger speaker, a slot for a SIM card and possibly a Mini DisplayPort.

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