It’s Hate?!? Unhappy Nokia Employees Vote With Their Feet

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The honeymoon may be over before it even began.

Literally minutes after posting our story about the new Nokia/Microsoft merger — in which Nokia phones will start running Windows Phone 7, essentially kicking Nokia's own Symbian phone OS to the curb — we're getting word that upwards of 1,000 Nokia employees walked off the job in protest.

Finnish website says that employees at Nokia's Tampere and Oulu offices exercised their "flex time" option in the walkout.  Of the 3,000 employees at Tampere, roughly half work on Symbian; Oulu sports another 1,000 Symbian employees.

The story is still developing, and the 1,000 employee count could be an estimate or hyperbole.  Nonetheless, the short-term fallout of "MicroNok" isn't everyone living happily ever after…


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