Mac App Store Finally Gets Purchase Confirmations

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To the many of you who accidentally purchased an App on the Mac App Store. Things have been fixed. We first thought we were the only ones with the problem when we somehow bought a $20 app without meaning to, or even realizing it (we figure that we had accidentally tapped on the trackpad while skimming through the Mac App Store and didn’t realize it until the App was installed). Anyway, we were surprised with all the commenters who also said that they had run into the same issue. Luckily, Apple offered a “one-time” refund to those who had run into the problem.

Now, you will get a confirmation window asking if you are sure you want to make the purchase, and letting you know that you will be charged. It’s just one more click away, but it will eliminate accidental purchases, especially on a store where software can easily sell for $100 or more.

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